About the Service

Communication (“freedom of opinion and expression”) is a basic human right. I firmly believe that access to nutrition and hydration is also our right.

At Speech Therapy – Horsham & Districts, my passion is helping you to communicate your message and to be able to eat and drink safely. We might achieve this through:

  • Helping you identify and develop ways of managing difficulties with speaking, understanding, reading or writing, or swallowing
  • Helping your “conversation partners” develop ways of supporting you to communicate effectively
  • Learning and using new methods of communication
  • Helping you and those around you better understand your swallowing or communication difficulty
  • Working together to plan SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely) goals for communication and swallowing difficulties

As an independent, qualified Speech and Language Therapist, I make sure your needs and wishes are central to the work we do together. I provide important information, options and recommendations to help you make decisions about your care.

Speech Therapy – Horsham & Districts is here to help you achieve your basic human rights in a way that suits you.

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